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What are the Benefits of a Borehole?

A water borehole is essentially a well: not the ornamental, whimsical kind that you throw pennies in to make a wish, but the practical, useful kind that actually makes day-to-day life better for you, for the environment and for your bank balance.

Here are three of the key benefits that a domestic or commercial borehole can give you:


Whether you’re ecologically or financially motivated to live in self-sufficient and sustainable ways, equipping your home or business with a borehole is a step in the right direction.

We all have a responsibility to use natural resources responsibly and when you use a borehole, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

The water that borehole’s produce is sitting dormant in the ground, naturally accumulating from rainfall and underground springs. Making use of it means that you’re simply utilising an unused groundwater resource.

It also means that you have access to a reliable water supply which won’t be interrupted by problems caused by things beyond your control such as leaks or poor connections from antiquated pipe systems.

Save Money:

Research shows that in the last decade, water prices have increased by up to 82% in some areas of the country and unsurprisingly, so have the profits of their suppliers.

By drilling a borehole, you are tapping into your own private water supply and can cut out a large percentage of those costs. If you opt for an advanced system with filtration, you can supply drinking water too and end your reliance on a utility provider and cut the costs out altogether.

Every household is the UK has the right to extract up to 4400 gallons or 20 cubic metres of water from their own land, for free, every single day.

To put that in perspective, one “fully grown apple tree can drink 4,400 gallons of water per year” and poplars, willows and oaks need significantly more.

4400 gallons of water from a utility provider would cost approximately £40 but that’s just for the water. On top of that you’d also be expected to pay standing and sewerage charges which are likely to cost an additional £70 on average.

When you use the water from your own private supply, apart from the initial borehole drillingcosts, making use of it will cost you nothing more than a small fee for the electricity used to power your private well.

This means that if you regularly water your garden trees or vegetable patch, wash your car or farm vehicles, supply ponds or feed animals and livestock, then over the course of a year your savings could be substantial.

Make Money:

In the short term, having access to your own water wells can save you money and really add value to your property.

A government survey of Britain’s homes found that on average, “making energy saving improvements to your property could increase its value by 14 per cent” and help to attract a buyer should you ever decide to move.

To find out more about the benefits of gaining access to your own private water supply with a borehole, simply get in touch with the experienced well drilling team here at ADP Group Ltd and we’ll talk you through your options in detail.

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