Multipurpose Rotary Drilling Rigs

Comacchio GEO602HT

The Comacchio GEO602HT Rotary/Percussive Drilling Rig.

The GEO602HT is a compact, yet very powerful and hugely capable rotary
rig capable of forming geotechnical, rotary cored or rotary open boreholes
to depths in excess of 250m.

The GEO602HT rotary drilling rig is transported to site with our in-house LGV transport truck, this truck also carries all in-hole equipment as well as auxiliary equipment such as compressors and mud recycling equipment. The rig is supported by an Iveco 7t van and operates many systems, the capabilities of which are outlined below.

The rig can provide continuous cored sample recovery via dynamic sampling and rotary coring either conventionally with T6-116 or T6-146, or with wire-line in the form of Geobor-S. The latter of which allows boreholes to be cored to greater depths, in very efficient timeframes. It can also efficiently drill rotary open holes with the use of PCD and tri-cone NC bits. All systems are supported by either the on-board clean water mist pump, or the triplex 300L/min mud pump.

With a rotary head capable of high speed, low torque (up to 980rpm!) as well as high torque with low speed the Comacchio GEO602HT is also a highly capable hollow stem auger rig. Other systems include overburden casing and wireline coring. Flushing mediums include mud/water recirculation via the on board 300l/min mud pump, or air flush via an auxiliary compressor.

Rig Dimensions (when working)

Width: 2.20m Length: 7.00m Height: 8.00m Weight: 9.50 tonne Working

Area: 4m wide x 10m long

Rig Feed: 6.50 tonne Rig Pull Back: 9.50 tonne Engine Power: 160hp

Noise Levels: Engine Idle @ 1m = 90dB / DS Hammer @ 1m = 115dB

Rigs in fleet: DR7

Dynamic Windowless Sampling
Windowless sampling barrels contain plastic liners to retain soil samples. Liners are removed from sample barrels after drilling. The use of a plastic liner allows for excellent presentation of high quality samples.

Hollow/Solid Stem Auguring (Fully guarded)
The rotary drive heads on our rigs can be set to a low speed high torque setting to allow for both hollow and solid stem auguring in 6”, 8”, 10” & 12” diameters to depths of 30m+.

Rotary Open Hole Drilling (Fully guarded)
Down the hole hammer (DTHH), tri-cone rock roller, drag and PDC bits can be used for rotary open hole drilling.
DTHH is used with air flush for open hole drilling in rock and hard strata. Tricone, drag and PCD bits can be operated with air, air mist or water flush. Open boreholes can be formed to depths in the order of 300m bgl.

Conventional Rotary Coring (Fully guarded)
Thin wall double tube core barrels incorporating a plastic liner are used to retrieve cores up to 123mm diameter. The rigs can use water or air flush as required. The ability of our rigs to soil sample and rotary core allows for borehole progression in most ground conditions to depths in the order of 250m.

Wireline Coring (Fully guarded)
Wireline coring can be carried out with the use of Geobor-S. Wireline cored boreholes can be formed to depths in excess of 200m, with fantastic core recovery in unbeatable speeds!

In-Situ Geotechnical Testing (all hammers calibrated annually)
Standard Penetration Testing, weight of 63.5kgs is dropped over a calibrated distance of 760mm.

Undisturbed Sampling (U100, UT100, U70)
Undisturbed samples with either thin walled (class 1) or standard undisturbed sample barrels can be taken with the rig.

Overburden Casing System (Fully guarded)
Overburden casing systems can be utilised where overburden or unconsolidated sands/gravels can become a problem, the overburden casing system is available in an OD of 168mm, providing an ID of 132mm through the ring bit.

Flushing Mediums
Air Flush – Use of “stuffing box” to allow for a clean site
Mud Flush – Use of in-house mud recycling systems

Common Applications for the GEO602HT Rig

  • Monitoring well installations
  • Piezometer installations
  • Geotechnical & geoenvironmental drilling
  • Water well installations
  • GSHP/Geothermal loop installations

Other drilling services

  • Industry Sectors

  • Window Sampling

  • Borehole Grouting

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