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Comacchio GEO900

The Comacchio GEO900 large rotary open hole drilling rig.

With a 214hp stage V engine, the GEO900 produces 1700daNm torque & 260rpm.

Fitted with a recovery chuck & head tilt, 40nr x 5m JKSixty rods in the magazine and an automated rod loading manipulator (eliminating manual handling to 200m bgl), a telescopic crown block & 2.5 tonne winch, the rig is designed with safety and efficiency at the forefront; the manual handling eliminating systems are configured to ensure not only that the drill team do not have to put themselves in the line of fire, but also to ensure that maximum productivity is realised each day.

A 75-435mm clamp table, a 600lpm / 27bar piston mud pump and a 1000lpm / 8.5bar centrifugal pump, mean that the rig is not only suited to closed loop GSHP borehole drilling, but also large diameter, deep, water and monitoring well installations.

Maximum depth of 500m a maximum diameter of 400mm/15″.

✅ 214hp stage V engine
✅ 1700daNm torque / 260rpm
✅ Recovery chuck
✅ 40nr x 5m JKSixty rods, automated rod loading
✅ 75degree head tilt
✅ Telescopic crown block & 2.5 tonne winch
✅ 75-435mm clamps
✅ Mist pump
✅ 600lpm / 27bar piston mud pump
✅ 1000lpm / 8.5bar centrifugal pump
✅ 15 tonne feed, 20 tonne retract force

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