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Comacchio GEO909GT

The Comacchio GEO909GT closed loop specialist drilling rig.

Pound for pound, the Comacchio GEO909GT is the finest closed loop ground source heat collector drilling rig in the world market!

The GEO909GT is ideally suited to varied formations with considerable depths of unconsolidated overburden, conditions that conventional rigs struggle to deal with.

The 909GT drills and simultaneously cases using 152mm casing, taken semi-automatically from the rigs carousel; once hard strata is encountered the rig ceases casing and collects only rods from the carousel. The patented carousel holds 126m of rods and casing, eliminating all manual handling for depths up to 126m.

Capable of drilling and casing at an average speed of 30-40m/hr.

Rig Dimensions (when working)

Width: 2.50m Length: 9.85m Height: 10.45m Weight: 28.00 tonne

Working Area: 4m wide x 10m long

Rig Feed: 15.00 tonne Rig Pull Back: 19.50 tonne Engine Power: 214hp

Noise Levels: Engine @ 1m = 90dB /  @ 3m = 87dB

Rigs in fleet: DR13


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