Service/Utility Clearance

Service & utility clearance

Service, or utility clearance is the perfect solution for anybody wishing to have all underground services and buried apparatus located and clearly marked on the surface (inc depth where possible), or borehole/excavation locations cleared of buried services and apparatus prior to breaking ground.

We use different types of state-of-the-art technology to induce signals into both the ground and buried utilities to allow tracing and marking of them within a 5m radius of the target area.

Our surveyors will mark a clear drill zone (in the case of borehole/excavation clearance) or in the case of site-wide tracing, the exact location of any located service, will be marked on the surface.

Equipment used

This service provides a surveyor c/w with all the necessary equipment to trace and mark any utilities that may be running across a large area or a specific area that is to be excavated or drilled, these utilities are clearly marked in either paint or chalk.

ADP Group utilise the industry leading RD8100 radio frequency locator from Radio Detection, along with ground penetrating radar (GPR) from both Mala and Leica.

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