Topographical Surveying

Land Survey

With the latest, state-of-the-art GPS & robotic surveying equipment, ADP Group can carry out part or full site topographical surveys, UK wide on a range of sites. ADP Group accurately provide clients with all the site information that they require.

We can provide architects, developers and other parties’ with accurate drawings (in AutoCAD DWG, PDF format and/or paper copies) of their site or land.

We are able to offer 2D or 3D form which provides the precise locations of static features such as buildings, kerb lines, fences, trees, street furniture and service covers, all of this is combined with height levels and/or contours to aid in the design and development.

Borehole and Trial Pit Levelling and Setting-Out

Providing accurate coordinates (OS or Arbitrary via DWG or Excel spreadsheet) for pre or post installed borehole or trial-pit locations.

ADP Group can also offer a setting out service from pre-existing plans or drawings.

Other land & utility surveying services

  • Service Tracing/Clearance

  • Utility Maps & Drawings

  • Measured Building Surveys

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