Support Equipment

Tracked Telehandler

The Norcar A7545 4T tracked telehandler is designed to leave little to no sign of it having ever been near a site! The over-size track bases are pivot mounted to allow access over rough terrain whilst appearing to float on the surface, without leaving so much as a mark in sodden surface covering. The Norcar can carry up to 1500kgs across rough terrain, making it ideal for carrying full IBCs, stillages and even full recirc. tanks along with pallets of materials etc, and comes fitted with both front and rear mounted towhitches, allowing it to tow equipment weighing up to 3500kgs– overcoming the age old issue of compressor and bowser access and egress.

All operatives hold operator accreditation allowing the safe operation on any site, the machine itself also has 6 monthly LOLER inspections.

The machine is at its most efficient when being operated by a 3rd man, allowing the drill-crew to continue their operations, but ADP Group are able to provide drillers with the qualification to operate the machine in order to reduce costs.

ADP Group own three tracked Norcar telehandlers.

Mud Cleaning & Recycling Units

ADP Group operate multiple drilling mud/fluid recycling units, these come in small, self-contained trailer mounted packages in the case of the Mud Puppy MP170-2SC, or larger track mounted, electrically powered units in the case of the Elgin Kemtron 200SGT (as pictured).

Fluid recycling systems are important for a number of reasons. Primarily, they remove suspended solids and sediment from drilling fluid, ensuring hole filtration, reducing mud weight/buoyancy and prolonging the life of pumps and tooling.

Cleaning and recycling drilling fluid also reduces the amount of waste produced, and returns both liquid and dry, solid arising material, making transport off site and subsequent disposal cheaper and more environmentally friendly.

Air Compressors

We run a high pressure compressors from the CompAir range, owned by ADP Group or subsidiary, Tutex. We operate compressors ranging from 175cfm through to 700cfm at up to 24 bar- ensuring we have a compressor for every eventuality.

Drilling Rig Transport

We are one of the few UK drilling contractors to invest in the ability to deliver all of our own rotary drilling rigs, no matter what size or weight, to any site in the UK or Europe with our own fleet of HGVs. This means we arrive onsite exactly when required.

We feel this gives us the flexibility required in the modern world, in order to put us one step ahead of the competition.

ADP Group’s transport team have at their disposal a fleet of tri-axle plant trailers, 7ton panel vans, and a 26ton Iveco Stralis c/w a E6 310hp powerplant, rear steer axle, cheese wedge plant body, edge protection fall arrest and a 10ton winch.

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