Multipurpose Rotary Drilling Rigs

“Overall the level of engagement [from your crews] in safety stewardship and safe operations has been consistently excellent, both in their understanding of safety requirements but more importantly in their pro-active approach to safety and continuous improvement of working standards.” Daniel Tuley, Director – Environment, Arcadis UK

We own and operate a fleet of state-of-the-art, rotary drilling and percussive multipurpose drilling rigs, with a varied fleet to suit all applications.

Rotary Drilling Techniques adopted and operated by ADP Group:

  • Dynamic sampling & casing
  • Hollow & solid stem augering
  • Rotary coring (T6-116, T6-131 & T6-146)
  • Rotary open hole drilling (<300m bgl)
  • Geobor-S Wireline coring
  • Overburden casing systems
  • Duplex Casing (clean drilling techniques)

Services and applications:

  • Ground water monitoring well installation
  • Piezometer installation
  • Geotechnical drilling & in-situ testing
  • Environmental drilling & sampling
  • Water borehole drilling and installation
  • GSHP/geothermal drilling

Rotary drilling rigs in fleet:

  • DR2 – Comacchio GEO205
  • DR3 – Comacchio GEO305HT
  • DR4 – Comacchio GEO205
  • DR5 – Comacchio GEO601HT
  • DR6 – Comacchio GEO205
  • DR7 – Comacchio GEO602HT
  • DR9 – Comacchio GEO405HT
  • DR10 – Comacchio GEO305HT
  • DR11 – Fraste PL-G
  • DR12 – Comacchio GEO205
  • DR13 – Comacchio GEO909GT

Other drilling services

  • Industry Sectors

  • Window Sampling

  • Borehole Grouting

Our Certifications