Water Boreholes

“I would like to thank you and the guys for your professionalism and straight forward approach to the installation of our borehole and we very much appreciate the care and consideration shown during the course of the work.”

Keith Talbott, Chard, Somerset.

Had enough of hosepipe bans and paying large amounts of money to water companies?

Did you know as a private, domestic user you can abstract up to 20m3 (4400 gallons) of water per day free of charge with your own borehole?

This is more than most households use in a week, let alone a day; meaning you could for instance water your garden, run numerous irrigation systems, top up your pond or lake, supply stables, and even supply your domestic dwelling, almost free of charge.

All of the above applications (with the exception of domestic dwellings) do not require potable drinking water, so don’t require any testing or filtration, a simple, straightforward borehole is all you need to stop all the costs associated with supplying expensive mains water in such large quantities.

Access to one of the worlds most valuable commodities, and a vital one for our survival, is far closer than you think with your own independently owned water borehole drilled and installed anywhere in the UK by ADP Group Ltd.

We can drill boreholes to:

  • Feed animals
  • Supply stables etc
  • Top up ponds and lakes
  • Water gardens/run irrigation systems
  • Supply fresh drinking water

Simple steps to owning your own borehole:

1. Contact us to discuss all the options and possibilities in greater detail, from here we will put you in touch with a Hydrogeologist (we recommend B A Hydro Services) to carry out a desktop survey on your proposed borehole location, the cost of this survey is usually around £600. This survey is completely optional, but it does give us valuable information about the depths and types of geology along with expected yields, this prevents any nasty surprises and ensures we can provide an accurate quote as is possible.

2. Once we receive the survey information back, we will contact you again and discuss in further detail what we need to do to obtain the required results (being as every application is different we can tailor make each system to work best for individual clients), this will usually include a site visit. At this stage we can provide you with a quote and discuss payment options.

3. Upon everything being agreed we can schedule start dates and finalise all arrangements and logistics, we use large, modern equipment, we have different machinery for different environments and situations – we will agree on the systems to be used and discuss any possible issues that may arise from us being onsite, we will ensure everybody is 100% happy before commencing.

4. ADP Group arrive onsite to start drilling. We will ensure we cause no un-necessary damage or leave any lasting effects on any surroundings or property. Drilling will usually take 3-5 days.

4. Once we are satisfied that we have found enough water in your borehole we will establish a test pump to provide information on recharge rates and yields, to ensure that the borehole is going to meet your needs.

5. Once the test pump is complete, our team will install the well liner, gravel filter pack inspection chambers/cabinet and pumping systems, all in all it will take approx. 2 weeks from start to finish.

6. COMPLETE! You have your fully functioning water borehole, you can now start to use your borehole to lower your water bill, free from the threat of a hosepipe ban!


How much does it cost?

Costs vary, largely dependant on what specification you choose, depth required and geology, however shallow boreholes start from around £4000, before items such as pumps and filtration.

How do I know if I have a good supply, do you use water divining/dowsing methods?

No, we don’t use water dowsing or divining, we use what we believe to be more accurate methods – I.E. the survey from the BGS.

Do you guarantee to find a good water source? If not do I still get charged?

No we cannot guarantee to find a water source adequate to provide the required yields – or even find one at all, no reputable drilling company will.

However the chances are greatly increased through the use of a BGS survey, these are very informed and reliable resources that are rarely wrong. If water isn’t found we will only charge for the bare minimum drilling costs – in this unusual eventuality we will endeavour to come to an agreement with you.

Do I need a licence or have to pay for the water I abstract?

No, anyone can abstract up to 20m3 (4400 gallons) per day with no licence or cost. To abstract more than this or in some commercial cases, you will need an abstraction licence granted from the Environment Agency, more information can be found on the environment agency website. However, adp will liase with all the relevant authorities on your behalf – I.E. notifying the BGS of the intention to sink a well and provide them with logs of the borehole.

How long does it take?

Generally around 5-8 weeks from point of first interest (aslong as we agree specs etc fairly quickly), the survey (recommended!) takes 3-4 weeks then a week or 2 to finalise everything and a couple of weeks for actual drilling/installation.

Does it make a mess?

It can do, we use large equipment and there is a lot of human movement during the drilling, however we take every precaution possible, with the use of our vacuum systems to take care of drilling fluids and track mats/boards to ensure no avoidable damage is caused to the area.

Why should I use you over another drilling contractor?

You of course have the right to use who ever you wish to carry out your drilling and installation, we recommend, if you wish – you receive quotes from other companies. However adp are different to virtually all other borehole drilling companies – this isn’t our only service or activity. In fact we are one of the most recognised site investigation and safe digging solution providers in the UK – we carry out work for many “blue chip” clients throughout the UK, on some very prestigious sites and projects.

We work in some of the most demanding industries such as Petrochem, Electricity, Gas, Utility and Construction – this grounding gives us the knowledge and experience to attend your site and complete what to us is a straight forward job with the utmost safety and professionalism. This gives you the piece of mind that your borehole will be installed professionally, by professionals, using some of the most advanced drilling systems in the World – and once finished will leave your environment in the condition we found it in.

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