Vacuum Excavation & Suction Excavation

Be ahead of the game, eliminate utility strikes and adhere to industry best practice!


Vacuum excavation, aka suction excavation, has been used by ADP Group as best practice for excavation around buried services and as a preferred method of excavation for the first 1.20m of any excavation, since 2006. Using only air and water, the process ensures that damage cannot be done to buried services and apparatus during excavation, eliminating not only service strikes, but also injuries to personnel and associated downtime.

Vacuum excavators come in various shapes and sizes, within our fleet we have a machine suitable for very small excavations, very large ones and everything in between. We have systems mounted to trailers and small trucks, suitable for off-road access sites, railways and highways projects, through to machines based on 32 tonne LGVs that are capable of excavating 15m3+ in single shifts. ADP Group’s vacuum excavation trucks can be supplied equipped with on board concrete cutting/coring capability, generators and compressors.

ADP Group are one of a small number of contractors that are able to boast such a varied range of vacuum and suction excavators, all in house. All machinery is maintained in accordance with both manufacturers’ recommendations and PUWER requirements, by factory trained mechanics. All road going chassis are maintained to DVSA standards. ADP Group’s vacuum excavation fleet are operated by trained and competent operatives, with nationally recognised qualifications for the operation of vacuum & suction excavators.

Read on to learn more about the process and the equipment used.

  • Our Vacuum Excavators

    ADP Group Ltd run a varied fleet of vacuum and suction excavation systems, in order to match our varied custom base. With trailer machines with a load bearing of <3 tonne, through to suction excavators with 9m3 material collection tanks, on-board compressors, 200mm vacuum pipes and a gross vehicle weight in the order of 26 tonne.

  • What is Vacuum Excavation?

    How much does a utility strike cost your company? For a utility supplier there is the disruption to supplies, the lost revenue, the negative publicity and the customer service issues. For a contractor there are serious cost implications, project delays, and the potential damage to its relationship with its client.

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