Drilling Services

  • Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling

    ADP Group’s drilling dept., has several specialist teams and rigs specifically designed and geared for geotechnical and environmental drilling.

  • Industry Sectors

    Every sector has differing needs and expectations, here at ADP Group we are qualified, experienced and approved to provide services to many of them.

  • Window Sampling

    ADP Group’s window sampling teams can operate using either the lightweight Dando Terrier trackmounted rig, or the hand-held window sampling unit.

  • Borehole Grouting

    Boreholes that are no longer required, can be safely decommissioned to best practice standards via both over-drilling and tremmie grouting.

  • Water Boreholes

    Water boreholes can be drilled for any number of applications. ADP Group can handle the whole process, from BGS notification to pump installation.

  • Geothermal Boreholes

    Boreholes for ground source heat pumps, aka geothermal boreholes, can be drilled efficiently to depths in excess of 300m, with the use of state-of-the-art rotary drilling rigs, assisted by both mud and air flush.

  • Concrete Coring

    ADP Group Ltd can provide concrete coring via both bolt-down and trailer mounted rigs, cores can be taken up to 1m bgl, and up to 600mm in diameter.

  • Multipurpose Rotary Drilling Rigs

    Multipurpose drilling rigs owned and operated by ADP Group include the Comacchio GEO205, GEO305, GEO405, GEO601, GEO602, GEO900, GEO909GT & Fraste PL-G.

Our Certifications