Geothermal & GSHP Boreholes

Ground source heat pump (aka geothermal) boreholes can be drilled efficiently to depths in excess of 300m, with the use of automated, state-of-the-art rotary drilling rigs.

Boreholes for ground source heat pumps

ADP Group can quickly, efficiently and professionally install ground source heat collector loops using innovative and modern drilling rigs.

If you are considering installing a ground source heating system have you considered the use of vertical boreholes? Did you know that vertical borehole heat collectors operate at a higher efficiency, I.E. produce a higher heat yield per metre, than horizontal collectors?

Further benefits include the footprint required for geothermal boreholes, or lack of; borehole arrays can take up very little space, and once completed are buried below ground level. You can even build on top of completed borehole arrays!

What do we do

ADP Group can provide private domestic customers and commercial projects with a one stop solution, comprising of the following:

  • Drilling of boreholes to prescribed depths using the latest, automated, rotary drilling rigs from Comacchio.
  • Collection and recycling of all drilling fluid, ensuring a clean, efficient presence onsite, and no lasting legacy once the works are completed.
  • Supply & installation of high quality PE100 GSHP collector loops.
  • Tremmie grouting, pressure & flow testing upon completion of installation.
  • Disposal of all generated waste, through responsible, fully traceable, environmentally friendly channels.


ADP Group own and operate some of the most technically advanced, state-of-the-art equipment available.

Rigs are supplied by industry leading, Italian manufacturer, Comacchio. Mud cleaning systems from American manufacturers Tibban and Elgin, with the latter supplying track mounted, self-sufficient systems.

All equipment is compliant with the latest emmission stages, therefore allowing it to work within ULEZ’s throughout the UK.

All plant engines run HVO (hydrotreated vegetable oil), no diesel is used by any equipment, ensuring that the installation of the renewable heating system is done in the most environmentally friendly way possible.

Drilling on domestic & residential sites

ADP Group have rigs and crews’ designed to overcome the challenges posed by residential sites. We operate compact rigs, and self-contained mud recycling systems to ensure that we can access restricted gardens and tight driveways.

Mud recycling systems are standard items of plant with all ADP Group drill teams, these are more important than ever on residential sites, where we are often drilling in gardens. All drilling fluid is collected, cleaned and recycled; waste fluid and solids disposal is shown on all ADP quotations.

Our residential drill teams are supported by low ground-pressure, tracked telehandlers to further reduce our impact on your site. All equipment is regularly updated to ensure that it is as quiet, clean and efficient as it can be.

Large residential & commercial drilling

Larger projects mean larger equipment! ADP Group are one of only a handful of contractors to operate the Comacchio GEO909GT rig in the UK. The 909GT operates a dual head, meaning that it can case through non-competent, superficial formations whilst simultaneously forming open holes, to depths of 128m before manual intervention is needed by our drill crew.

Our GEO909GT is supported by a tracked drilling mud recycling unit, designed to collect, recycle and allow reuse of all drilling fluid, reducing waste onsite, improving rate of penetration and minimising waste.

Our commercial drilling teams have experience drilling and installing borehole arrays up to, and in excess of 7000m, with single borehole depths ranging from 70m to 200m+.

Our Certifications