Window Sampling

“I just wanted to pass on my thanks for a great job. I have spoken with our site engineer and she was very impressed with the crews that were on site. The job has been completed in record time and to a high standard, with no H&S incidents!”

Ben Schultz, URS AECOM

The Dando Terrier

The Dando Terrier site investigation, sampling and geotechnical drilling rig has been designed specifically for sampling and testing for geotechnical and environmental analysis. Crawler-mounted for easy site access in the most arduous conditions. Simple to operate and extremely reliable.

The Terrier rig is powered by a diesel engine and is fitted with a spark arrestor and chalwyn valve. The rig is capable of sampling to 10m depth and can insert temporary casing to support boreholes as they are drilled. Boreholes can be drilled in sufficient diameter to allow installation of 63mm diameter wells. The two piece drop hammer allows for standard penetration tests (SPT’s) and also undisturbed sampling (U100’s). The Terrier is also capable of heavy and super heavy dynamic probing.

Window/Windowless Sampling

Windowless sampling barrels between 86mm and 116mm diameter contain plastic liners to retain soil samples. The use of a plastic liner allows for excellent presentation of high quality samples.

In-Situ Geotechnical Testing

SPT – Standard Penetration Testing, weight of 63.5kgs is dropped over a calibrated distance of 760mm, the number of blows taken to drive the sampler over a set distance is recorded.

DPT – Dynamic Probe Testing, weight of 50kgs is dropped over a calibrated distance of 500mm, the number of blows taken to drive a sacrificial cone over a set distance is recorded.

U100/U70 – Undisturbed samples with either thin walled (class 1) or standard undisturbed sample barrels can be taken with the rig.

Well Installation

Boreholes can be drilled in sufficient diameter to allow 50/63mm monitoring well installations, or 19/25mm piezometer installations.

Using handheld equipment on restricted access sites

Handheld window sampling is a compact and lightweight alternative for obtaining soil samples in clear plastic liners.

Handheld window sampling can be used in virtually any situation where a driller can obtain access on foot; making the system ideal for investigation work on restricted access sites where larger soil sampling rigs cannot be used.

Windowless sampling barrels are driven in to the ground (in the same way a window or dynamic sampling rig would) with the use of a hydraulic jackhammer (JCB Beaver Pack), this system is lightweight and manoeuvrable as well as being relatively non-intrusive (in comparison with a larger rig).

In-hole tooling and sample barrels are extruded from the ground using a hydraulically powered jack, allowing depths in order of 5-8m to be achieved (dependant on strata).

Please note that SPT’s, dynamic probing and the use of casing cannot be provided whilst using handheld equipment.

Working on Slopes

The Terrier Rig is capable of tracking over slopes up to 30 degrees. This allows for good access and maneuverability across steep or uneven terrain. The hydraulic tilting undercarriage allows the rig to set up and drill on sloped surfaces.

The hand-held unit can be utilised on just about any surface that can be safely accessed on foot.

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