Our Vacuum Excavators

ADP Group’s Vacuum Excavation Fleet

Within ADP Group’s broad range of equipment, is a machine suitable for your application.

Techniques used & operated by ADP Group:
Hydro vacuum & suction excavation
Pneumatic vacuum & suction excavation
Clay-spade assisted suction excavation

Machines operated by ADP Group:
VX2 – Vaccon X-Cavator (26 tonne)
VX3 – Vector HDD1450 (10 tonne)
VX5 – Vector HDD1450 (7.5 tonne)

Vacuum Excavator

Medium in size, based on 7.5 & 10 tonne trucks, ideal for smaller trenching jobs, service investigation and clearance pits.


Working Environment: The vacuum excavator is typically mounted on a 7.50 or 10 tonne chassis truck, these trucks are primarily aimed at sites with a hard standing, but are capable of accessing any site with a reasonably solid base. These versatile units can come complete with on-board compressors and generators to power AirSpade excavation equipment, breakers and concrete coring systems – all off of the one truck!

Weight: 7.50t
Working Distances: Up to 40m from the machine (with the HDD1450 unit)
Dimensions: 2.90m high / 2.30m wide / 7.00m long
Pipe Diameter: 4″ (100mm) manual use or with hydraulically assisted boom
Models Operated by ADP Group: Vector HDD650, HDD650B and HDD1450
On-board Accessories (upon request): Concrete coring rig (bolt-down), AirSpade tool, hydraulic breaker

Suction Excavator

9000cfm vacuum systems, coupled with 200mm hoses, on-board compressors and 4000psi hydro systems. The ultimate bulk-safe excavation tool!


Working Environment: The suction excavator, although being mounted on a road-orientated chassis, is more than capable of tackling off-road terrain and rough sites, being mounted on Iveco’s TRAKKER chassis and benefiting from a 6×4 drive-line.

Weight: 26.0t
Working Distances: Up to 60m from the machine
Dimensions: 4.10m high / 2.50m wide / 8.60m long
Pipe Diameter: 8″ (200mm) boom operated
Models Operated by ADP Group: Vac-Con X-Cavator
On-board Accessories (upon request): Concrete coring rig (bolt-down), AirSpade tool, hydraulic/pneumatic breaker

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