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Comacchio GEO601HT

The Comacchio GEO601HT Multipurpose Rotary Drilling Rig.

The GEO601HT is a compact, yet powerful and hugely capable rotary rig capable of forming geotechnical, rotary cored or rotary open boreholes to depths in excess of 200m.

The GEO601 can provide continuous cored sample recovery via dynamic sampling and rotary coring either conventionally with T6-116 or T6-146, or with wire-line in the form of Geobor-S. The latter of which allows boreholes to be cored to greater depths, in very efficient timeframes. It can also efficiently drill rotary open holes with the use of PCD and tri-cone NC bits. All systems are supported by either the on-board clean water mist pump, or the triplex 300L/min mud pump.

The Comacchio GEO601 is the flagship geotechnical rig in our modern fleet and is fitted with a rig mounted SPT hammer, not only making the process more efficient but also eliminating the requirement to lift the hammer manually – reducing manual handling onsite!

The GEO601HT rotary drilling rig is mobilised via LGV transport truck, this truck also carries all in-hole equipment as well as auxiliary equipment such as compressors and mud recycling equipment. The rig is supported by an Iveco 7t van and operates many systems, the capabilities of which are outlined below.


Rig Dimensions (when working)

Width: 1.85m Length: 6.43m Height: 7.85m Weight: 9.00 tonne

Working Area: 4m wide x 10m long

Rig Feed: 4.50 tonne Rig Pull Back: 6.50 tonne Engine Power: 134hp

Noise Levels: Engine Idle @ 1m = 84dB / DS Hammer @ 1m = 115dB

Rigs in fleet: DR5



Rig Capabilities (guide only, subject to geology)

Dynamic sampling – 30m

Conventional coring (T6-H, 116, 131 & 146) – 200m / Geobor-S wireline – 200m

Rotary open hole – 200m

Hollow stem augering (8″ & 10″) – 30m

Casing (PW, SW, 8″ & 10″) – 100m

In-situ testing (rig mounted SPT hammer) – SPT, CPT, U70, U100 & UT100

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