Rotary Drilling Rig Fleet

Comacchio GEO205

The Ultimate Geo-Environmental Site Investigation Rig.

The Comacchio GEO205 rotary drilling rigs are capable of carrying out a range of drilling techniques, whilst still being light weight and compact, thus making them very versatile cost effective rigs. The Comacchio rigs are powered by a silenced diesel engine fitted with a spark arrestor and chalwyn valve.

The GEO205 is transported to site via a specialist plant trailer towed by a 4×4 and backed up by a support vehicle carrying all consumables and ancillary drilling equipment. The rigs have a powerful impact hammer mounted to the side of the main drill head, which is used to advance windowless sample barrels through soft substrata to retrieve high quality samples. Upon encountering harder geology the rigs have several solutions to offer including, hollow or solid stem augering, open hole or rotary coring. In compliance with all HSE and client requirements all of our rotary drilling rigs are fully guarded, giving ultimate protection to all drillers and public.

The Comacchio GEO205’s primary application is geotechnical and environmental ground investigation.

GEO205 Rig Dimensions (when working)

Width: 1.20m Length: 3.80m Height: 4.30m (full height) / 3.80m (reduced height) or 2.80m (low-mast rig)

Weight: 2.70 tonne Minimum Working Area: 3m wide x 6m long

Rig Feed: 2.50 tonne Rig Pull Back: 2.50 tonne Engine Power: 40hp

Noise Levels: Engine Idle @ 1m = 90dB / DS Hammer @ 1m = 115dB

Maximum Gradient (access and working): 36% (20 degree)

Rigs in fleet: DR2, DR4, DR6 & DR12

Rig Capabilities (guide only, subject to geology)

Dynamic sampling – 20m

Conventional coring (T6-H, 116, 131 & 146) – 40m

Rotary open hole – 50m

Hollow stem augering (8″) – 15m

Casing (PW, SW & 8″) – 20m

In-situ testing – SPT, CPT, U70, U100 & UT100

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