• Welcome to ADP Group Ltd

    Welcome to ADP Group Ltd

  • Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling

    Geotechnical & Environmental Drilling

  • Innovative Safe Digging Solutions

    Innovative Safe Digging Solutions

  • Water Borehole Drilling

    Water Borehole Drilling

  • Rotary Drilled Boreholes

    Rotary Drilled Boreholes

  • Geothermal Borehole Drilling

    Geothermal Borehole Drilling

  • Site Investigation

    Site Investigation

  • Land and Utility Surveying

    Land and Utility Surveying

Providers of Safe Digging Solutions, Geo-Environmental Ground Investigation and Rotary & Percussive Borehole Drilling Services

ADP Group Ltd have been trading since 1983 (historically as a partnership, not as a limited company), in both Agriculture and Civil Engineering, prior to diversifying and specialising in our present industries in 2006; ADP Group Ltd was then incorporated as a Limited company in 2007.

Based in the South West of England, close to both the M4 and M5 motorways, with a Northern Regional Office in Trafford Park, Manchester; ADP are well placed to cover the UK and Mainland Europe.

Specialists in the provision of sub-contracted drilling and safe excavation operations, ADP Group are also able to provide intrusive ground investigation services; services include borehole drilling, hydro & pneumatic vacuum excavationconcrete coring, geothermal drilling, well drilling,  rotary drilling and percussive drilling for ground water monitoring, geotechnical and environmental purposes. Other services include trial pit excavation, site engineer/nrswa supervision and in-situ geotechnical testing. Rotary boreholes can also be drilled for specialist water abstraction and geothermal/gshp systems.

Specialist subsidiary Utiliscan are able to provide utility mapping & tracing, service clearance, topographical surveying & GPS surveying along with measured building and CCTV Surveys.

With a specialist sales division handling sales of equipment from industry leaders such as Vector, Vac-Con, Air Spade & Utilicor, we are also one of the UK’s most advanced specialists in the sale, hire and service of all safe digging equipment.

With surveyors, operators, drillers, engineers, mechanics, managers and directors from a wide range of backgrounds, we have a vast knowledge of not just our served industries – but many more also. Why not challenge our knowledge today, you may be surprised at how effective we can be at making your project run smoother, quicker, cleaner, more efficient and most importantly safer; we are keen to help other contractors achieve the same zero strike record as us.

Land and Utility Surveying

Land and Utility Surveying

Utiliscan provide service clearance and tracing, full site underground utility mapping and topographical surveying. The very latest equipment from industry leading manufacturers Leica and Topcon is utilised to provide pin point accuracy on every project.

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Vacuum Excavation

Vacuum Excvation

Vacuum Excavation is a 100% intrinsically safe system for uncovering and exposing the threat from buried services and a flexible option for removing material from awkward or sensitive areas leaving any buried utilities, plant and equipment intact and un-damaged.

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Rotary Drilling Rigs

Drilling Services

adp run a fleet of modern, state-of-the-art rotary and percussive drilling rigs capable of handling everything from geotechnical and environmental site investigations right through to 200m open holes. Further information on all our rigs can be found here.

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