Comacchio GEO205

The ultimate Geotechnical and Environmental Site Investigation rig.

The Comacchio GEO205 rotary drilling rigs are capable of carrying out numerous drilling techniques, whilst still being light weight and compact, thus making them very versatile cost effective rigs. The Comacchio rigs are powered by a silenced diesel engine fitted with a spark arrestor and chalwyn valve.

The GEO205 is transported to site via a Land Rover and specialist plant trailer and backed up by a support vehicle carrying all consumables and ancillary drilling equipment. The GEO205 rigs are also capable of drilling under forecourt canopies, standing lower than the canopy standard of 4m. The rigs have a powerful impact hammer mounted to the side of the main drill head, which is used to advance windowless sample barrels through soft substrata to retrieve high quality samples. Upon encountering harder geology the rigs have several solutions to offer including, hollow or solid stem augering, open hole or rotary coring. In compliance with all HSE and client requirements all of our rotary drilling rigs are fully guarded, giving ultimate protection to all drillers and public.

GEO205 Rig Dimensions (when working)

Width: 1.15m Length: 3.80m Height: 4.60m (full height) / 3.80m or 4.00m (reduced height with or without winch) / 2.60m or 2.80m (cut down mast with or without winch) Weight: 2.70 tonne

Rig Feed: 2.5 tonne Rig Pull Back: 2.5 tonne Engine Power: 40hp

Van & Rig 2   Rig 3   IMG_3449

Dynamic Windowless Sampling

Windowless sampling barrels between 86mm and 146mm diameter contain plastic liners to retain soil samples. Liners are removed from sample barrels after drilling. The use of a plastic liner allows for excellent presentation of high quality samples.

In-Situ Geotechnical Testing (all hammers calibrated annually)

SPT – Standard Penetration Testing, weight of 63.5kgs is dropped over a calibrated distance of 760mm, the number of blows taken to drive the sampler over a set distance is recorded.

U100/U70 – Undisturbed samples with either thin walled (class 1) or standard undisturbed sample barrels can be taken with the rig.

Hollow/Solid Stem Auguring (Fully guarded)

The rotary drive heads on our rigs can be set to a low speed high torque setting to allow for both hollow and solid stem auguring in 6″ and 8″ diameters to depths of 15m, in the case of hollow stem auguring we can also advance windowless sampling barrels through them to allow for soil samples to be taken at any stage of the location.

Open Hole Drilling – Drag Bits / Rock Rollers /Claw Bits / PCD Bits / DTH Hammers (Fully guarded)

Down the hole hammer (DTHH), tri-cone rock roller, PCD and drag bits can be used for rotary open hole drilling. DTHH is used with air flush for open hole drilling in rock and hard strata. Tri-cone, PCD and drag bits can be operated with air or water flush. Open boreholes can be formed to depths of 60m.

Rotary Coring (Fully guarded)

Thin wall double tube core barrels incorporating a plastic liner are used to retrieve cores up to 93mm diameter. The rigs can use water or air flush as required. The ability of our rigs to soil sample and rotary core allows for borehole progression in most ground conditions.

Symmetrix Over Burden Casing System (Fully guarded)

Symmetrix casing systems can be utilised where overburden or unconsolidated sands/gravels can become a problem, the Symmetrix casing system is available in an OD of 168mm, providing an ID of 132mm through the ring bit.

Low Headroom and Narrow Access

With rigs differing in size and appearance we can drill in most places, anywhere from slopes to narrow access, forecourt canopies to substations.

Common Applications for the GEO205 Rig

  • Monitoring well installations
  • Recovery well installations
  • Piezometer installations
  • Water well installations
  • GSHP/Geothermal loop installations

IMG_0026   GEO205.1   Hill Drilling